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The Role of Social Media

socialmediaWhat is the role of social media in your marketing or advertising efforts today? Do you even have a social media strategy in place? Going social allows a brand to be able to connect with their audience on a more personal and meaningful level. Here are some questions that you want to answer when trying to engage with your audience

  1. Are you creating a movement for your brand/product or are you just there to sell?
  2. Do you want to simply push a message out or actually engage in conversation with your audience?
  3. Are you allowing super stars within your audience to shine? Are you rewarding their participation through perks?
  4. What is the biggest problem you are solving that your audience has? Are you the only one? If not, how do you differentiate between other competitors?

All of these questions, when answered, allow a brand to become not only more engaging but also looked upon favorably as people begin to realize you CARE. The past 25+ years have been about non-personal engagement or one-way conversations. Then came “social media” which looked to transform the way we connected and interacted. Following a brief period of experimentation, brands have begun to realize that they must participate as well or be left behind in the dust.

Share with us your thoughts on the role of social media in your business or organization.

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